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I Am

Two of the most powerful words you can say to yourself over and over the course of the day to increase your manifestation ability are, "I AM"! That's why there are two in my Soulful Seer-Soulful Deck! There's great power with them. I find that by saying the mantra over and over again, my confidence builds and I can be the light that I seek for myself.

Some of the daily affirmations I use are:

I Am beautiful, bountiful, blissful.
I Am a genius and I apply my wisdom.
I Am the light that the world needs.
I Am honoring myself and my body.
I Am open and receptive to a new avenue of income.
I Am an unlimited being accepting from an unlimited source in an unlimited way.
I Am following the flow of my ideas.
I Am trusting my power of body, mind and spirit.
I Am a child of the divine.

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